An Introduction to Coaching

The Coaching Academy Image

The Coaching Academy (TCA) provides a free two-day introductory coaching course for those interested in coaching, I attended one in London last weekend (these are run regularly throughout the year and events are also held in venues within Leeds and Birmingham). The course invites attendees to find out all the fundamentals to coaching. There were a number of different speakers throughout the two days, all with a breadth of coaching experience (both personal and corporate) and all of whom had trained with TCA. The course explores what coaching is and how it works in practice (eliminating any misconceptions), the benefits it can provide to clients, what it’s like to work as a professional coach and provides an indication as to what coaches may decide to charge their clients.

I found the course really informative and enjoyable, it was delivered in a professional but relaxed way and everyone who’d gone along seemed open to learning and sharing. Hosts and attendees alike shared stories and experiences and there were pair-based exercises throughout the weekend, allowing people to interact with each other and encouraging us to begin thinking about our own goals and how we might achieve them, as well as giving us the opportunity to start putting some coaching techniques (e.g. the GROW model) into practice. The exercises also provided a chance for aspiring coaches to work on: listening skills, effective questioning and staying objective (reserving judgement and refraining from giving opinions), all skills expected of a professional coach. Day two had a lot more emphasis on the training provided by TCA, the specific courses on offer, the costs associated with those courses and information on how and where they are run.

For anyone interested in finding out about coaching and what qualifications are available through TCA, the introductory weekend is one I found to be really informative and therefore of great value.

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