One Day

One Day Image

On a handful of occasions over the past few years, a particular book has cropped up in conversation, along with some strong recommendations for me to read it. One Day (like so many other suggested reads), fell far to the back of my mind, to the bulging book shelf, where so many other works of literature queue up, hoping to be read, but rarely ever leave the shelf.

In my rather slap dash approach to packing for a long weekend in Spain back in April, I shoved all manner of crap into my carry-on: a bikini (I was a little optimistic for the time of year), numerous handbags and more underwear than I could ever have required for four days. Frustratingly though, I forgot to pack the one thing that would have been useful… a book! I hastily grabbed one at the airport before boarding my flight, the dark and sinister autobiographical kind of thing I often select.

I was gripped, I read my book ‘Secret Slave’ within two days, but soon found myself book-less once again. I finally caved and downloaded my first ever eBook to read on my iPhone (I’m the old school ‘proper book’ type of reader so was rather reluctant). That book was One Day, a novel by David Nicholls, published back in 2009. I was dubious, it had been described to me as a love story – not my kind of thing at all, but as soon as I started reading I was hooked. In fact, I’m still reading it and it is my kind of thing! I’ve been enjoying dipping in and out and don’t want to finish it! You know the kind of book you actually miss once you’ve finished it? It’s lighthearted and humorous, without being mushy. The author has made the characters relatable, the scenarios plausible and the various settings easy to visualise. True escapism.

Now I’ve come around to the idea of eBooks, who knows, maybe I’ll branch out and try audio books next…


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