I love to travel

I absolutely love travelling and have been fortunate enough to visit a large number of countries and experience many different cultures and I hope to see even more in the future. Below are a selection of my favourite photos which I took while on my travels…

Yasawa Islands, Fiji
The Yasawas are a beautiful group of volcanic islands, located off the coast of Fiji in the Pacific Ocean. One of the islands had just five tourists staying on it for the two nights I was there… and I was one of them! I visited the Yasawa Islands as a backpacker so paid for a package to allow me to ‘island hop’ cheaply. Some of the islands are extremely small with basic accommodation and limited electricity, so there were a few cold, outdoor showers during the course of my stay! This photo is one I took shortly before going for a swim. The water really was as clear and pristine as it looks here and it was fabulously peaceful.

Yasawa Island, Fiji

Kaikoura, New Zealand
Kaikoura (situated on New Zealand’s south island), is a picturesque little town by the sea, with incredible mountain views. I took this photo on a rather stormy day as it just looked like the most dramatic backdrop had been wheeled out in front of my eyes. Kaikoura is one of my favourite places of all those I visited on either island in New Zealand, due to its natural beauty. A perfect place for a coastal walk and it’s well known for being a great location to do a bit of wildlife spotting. You can expect to see plenty of seals on the beach and there are regular boat trips for dolphin and whale watching.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Taupo, New Zealand
This waterfall in Taupo is absolutely stunning to see – and to hear, which I experienced while walking the footpath alongside it. Taupo is a sleepy town in the north island of New Zealand. I will always remember when I took this photo as it was the day my friend and I met a local out walking his dogs, and after a short chat (in the friendly and inviting way New Zealanders do), he offered to put us up in his house for free for a week! He also made us food and took us out on the lake in his boat.

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