2017 Health Blog Awards Ceremony


Last month I attended this year’s Health Blog Awards in London, a collaboration between That Protein and the Health Bloggers Community (HBC). Although from a professional perspective I’m more focused on personal development, there is a link between life coaching and well being, and it is widely accepted that well being and mental health are closely connected (and impact on our physical health). With this in mind, it was a good opportunity for me to go along and find out a bit more about developments in the health industry and those blogging about them.

The evening allowed bloggers a chance to mingle and a space for up and coming brands  to introduce themselves. There were products to sample, followed by introductions and a Q&A by the panel of judges responsible for deciding on the best blogs. The award ceremony then took place and the evening concluded with all attendees being presented with a hefty goody bag to take home.

One of the products I received in my goody bag was Ohso chocolate. This is a Belgium chocolate bar which is both gluten and nut free, it contains no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, has minimal ingredients (which I always assume is a good thing) and a small bar contains just 72 calories. Crucially, the chocolate is pretty tasty! It’s sweet but also has the slightly bitter taste associated with dark chocolate. This is a product I would buy if I was desperate for a quick chocolate hit without all the guilt.

I also tried one of the gluten free Nutri-brex muesli balls this morning, designed as a ‘perfect breakfast snack’. These raspberry and almond muesli balls are suitable for vegans, contain no added sugar and no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. Again, the ingredients list is reassuringly minimal and the whole pack contains 202 calories (which if you were to consume instead of breakfast, isn’t particularly calorific). They seem like a good substitute for a more conventional breakfast if you’re in a hurry, far better than many products out there proclaiming to be ‘breakfast foods’, however I found them a little sweet for my liking.

The Noughty hair conditioner is another product I received in my goody bag. It’s 97% natural, containing no petrochemicals, parabens, sulphates or silicones (if you know what all that is). It makes my hair smell great and is super quick to apply. I was a little dubious about a leave-in conditioner as I thought it might make my hair greasy, but in reality have found that’s not the case at all, instead my hair feels really soft and smooth. I will definitely continue using it.

Below are some of the other products that featured at the event…

The blog awards were as follows:
Best Recipe Blog
Best Science and Nutrition Blog
Free From and Illness Recovery
Best Health and Fitness Instagram
Best Yoga and Spirituality Blog
Best Irish Blog
Best Fitness Blog
Best Beauty and Lifestyle
Best Vegan Blog
Best European Blog
Best New Blog
Health Blogger of the Year

Jessica Ward, who won Health Blogger of the Year has a fantastic website, so was a worthy winner. Her site is aesthetically pleasing and the content is upbeat, interesting and varied. I’m keen to try out some of her healthy recipes, particularly her chocolate brownies.

As the event becomes more established, I hope to see it grow to include awards which are broadly covered by the ‘health’ category, for instance personal development. I would also like to see a larger emphasis on mental health and well being, as I believe there is scope for this and this is equally important.

You can click on the categories above to view the winning blog sites. For more information about this year’s awards, including runners up and judges check out the HBC website.



4 thoughts on “2017 Health Blog Awards Ceremony

  1. Jessica Ward says:

    Just seen this now! Thank you so much for mentioning me and thank you for your kind comments. They mean the world to me.

    Also, the brownies are totally delicious! Please tag me in a picture if you re-create them. I’d love to see! xxx

    Liked by 1 person

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