Podcasts by Brooke Castillo

The Life Coach School Podcast Image

Some time ago I told you about Brooke Castillo and her life coaching podcasts that I stumbled upon. I promised an update on what I discovered so here it is…

I decided to go all the way back, starting with the first episode Brooke recorded. I’ve now listened to five episodes: Why You Aren’t Taking Action, How to Feel Better, How to Set GoalsHow to Fail and Overcoming Fear. These podcasts are my new ‘go to’ listening for my journey to work, gently nudging me into a positive frame of mind for the day ahead. I’d highly recommend sticking one on when you get in the car or hop onto your train in the morning. Some of the philosophies and strategies in the podcasts support what I’ve learnt previously (through my own reading and through the self development and life coaching courses I’ve attended), while others were new to me and have already started to get me thinking a little differently. How to Fail is my preferred episode so far. Avoiding challenges and opportunities for fear of failure is definitely something I can identity with. Brooke discusses how our fear of failure affects us and the importance of re-framing the way we view failure by… failing, regularly! Yes, she actually encourages failure. Listen to the podcast to find out why. I’m now working hard on failing!


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