Vision Board Workshop!


A couple of nights ago I attended something called a ‘Vision Board Workshop’ in East London, which was described as ‘Life Coaching with Arts and Crafts’. My immediate thought was ‘What a great combination, stationery and life coaching!’ I certainly wouldn’t describe myself as an artist, but I love getting crafty and was interested to see how something like this could be used as a coaching tool, so this was right up my street.

Nazli Yuceloglu is the Life Coach who ran the workshop. She runs these weekly in fact, as she believes that some people find it helps them to be able to see their goals (quite literally), building up a picture of what achieving them will look like; whereas for others, just the process of taking the time to really think about what they want to achieve and bringing these thoughts and feelings together can be useful. Nazli uses vision boards with her clients, as well as producing these herself for her own personal development, so clearly recognises the value in them.

The workshop started with all members of the group being asked to spend a little time thinking about what we might like our vision boards to reflect, this could be a goal or perhaps a feeling we want to realise. There were no rules about what we could or couldn’t do, or any specific direction as to the way our boards should develop. The process was about as open as it could have been, which felt liberating.

I thoroughly enjoyed producing my vision board and making something which allowed me to begin bringing my ideas to life. The process was therapeutic and fun. My board represents my goal of becoming a successful Life Coach, which will hopefully allow me to run my own business, help others, nurture my gifts, travel, to be happy, healthy and successful (having financial freedom, as well as regular clients, who find value in what I can offer them) and for my exploration into life coaching to continue to be a long and positive journey.

I will definitely produce a vision board again, in order to help make my plans and dreams feel more tangible and I encourage others to try it out. I can even envisage holding a workshop of this kind myself in the future. Nazli was very giving, not just in terms of her time (the workshop overran but she seemed happy for us to stay on a little longer, to ensure everyone finished their board and to allow her the opportunity to do a short exercise with us to bring the evening to a close), but also giving in that she was willing to share with us her some of her personal experiences. We were supplied with a broad selection of resources for the task, including newspapers, magazines, stickers, gems, feathers, pens, glitter, colourful lolly sticks etc. and given the freedom to use the resources and the time as we saw fit. It was interesting to see how different members of the group used the resources it contrasting, yet equally creative ways. My suggestion for improving the experience would be for Nazli to perhaps encourage short introductions and/or a brief brainstorm at the beginning of the session, to break the ice and enable ideas to flow within the group, as I think this may help some group members make a choice about what to focus on.

The images above show some of the resources we used, as well as my completed vision board. I would highly recommend attending a workshop and making your own.


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