One-to-one Life Coaching

I recently started seeing Sophia, a trainee Life Coach, who’s currently studying with one of the big course providers in London. As part of her development she’s expected to find her own clients for one-to-one sessions and begin implementing the strategies and techniques she’s learning. I met Sophia on an introductory course a few months back and we got on really well, so I was happy to support her by becoming one of her very first clients!

We’ve now had four sessions together and I think this work has been really beneficial to both of us. Sophia has had the opportunity to start utilising her training and gain some experience of coaching in real-life environments; and I’ve had an insight into what it’s like to be a client. I’ve also been able to gain a clearer understanding of how the process works in practice and experience personal coaching, which feels quite different from the group coaching I’ve received, or self-coaching I practise.

Having a space which is dedicated entirely to focusing on you and the area(s) you’re looking to develop/challenges you’re working through is so valuable. Coaches can help through active listening, identifying, questioning and challenging where appropriate; and will encourage you to break down your goals and take action towards achieving them.

Here’s a photo of me with my Life Coach, Sophia after our most recent session. Once she’s fully up and running I’ll add her details onto my site so you can get in contact with her if you’re looking for a Life Coach in the future. Thanks for your help to date Sophia, I look forward to our remaining sessions together!

Rosie and Sophia

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