Brene Brown does Vulnerability

Brene Brown.png

Last week a friend recommended I watch a new Netflix documentary by someone called Brene Brown entitled ‘the Call to Courage‘. I didn’t recognise the name so I looked her up. Brene Brown is a Research Professor and best-selling Author from America, she works at the University of Houston and for two decades has studied empathy, courage, shame and vulnerability. Having now watched the documentary I should also add that she’s an incredible public speaker, she’s engaging, funny and likeable.

The documentary is actually her talking about the content of a TED Talk she was invited to do at TedxHouston and how she went off piste with what she decided to discuss. Instead of giving one of her more academic and rehearsed presentations she talked about her experiences of vulnerability and what she’d learned about it. Essentially the message is this, you cannot be courageous without being vulnerable. Period.

I won’t give anymore detail away as I think you’ll get so much more from watching it for yourself, so please do!




Why Coaching Matters

I spend a fair amount of time watching TED talks as I’m fascinated to hear what people (often experts in their fields), have to say on all manner of subjects. I’m also keen to learn about areas I may have little or no understanding of, to grow my knowledge of areas I do have an understanding of, and to watch the incredible presentation skills of those invited to talk at TED.

Many people don’t understand what coaching is or why there is a need for coaches. In a talk I watched last year (which I’ve finally got round to sharing!) Atul Gawande eloquently presents a powerful argument for coaching: self improvement and growth. Although the focus of his talk is specifically about his experiences of coaching and its impact within a work environment, the principle can be applied to anything in life; if you want to improve you must: have a clear view of reality, have self awareness, be willing to reflect and you must have direction to move forward, all of which a coach can assist with.

Watch this talk to learn how coaching can be utilised for personal development and growth and you’ll see the positive impact, not only on the individuals being coached, but the knock on effect on those around them.


What we don’t recognise about happiness

I love TED Talks and have made a pledge to myself to watch more of them this year, as I find them so interesting and inspiring. In apparently one of the most popular talks ever ‘The Surprising Science of Happiness’– speaker Dan Gilbert talks about happiness and presents research suggesting a real ignorance we (as a collective) have as to what defines whether we are happy or unhappy. He also discusses how we can produce happiness in ourselves and the fact that we have far more control over our own happiness than we think.